About us

Escrow Reconciliation, LP. is 100% online Escrow Insurance that earned a great reputation among escrow agencies. The service surpasses all expectations. Escrow Reconciliation is authorized by the Office Department of Business Registrar in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and has sufficient experience and competence in the escrow sphere and also skilled and trained personnel.
The establisher of the company and it's President, Nicholas Hall has applied all forces to reach the acme of skills during 24 years of of his career and he also has striven to make the escrow industry yield every benefit for customers.
The independent enterprise Escrow Reconciliation focuses on determinate list of transaction forms:
– domestic consumer transactions, New Construction (Tract) and retrading;
– probates;
– cooperatives;
– transactions of commercial and industrial significance;
– bank-owned foreclosures;
– short sales;
– refinance and refund;
– refinancing a reverse mortgage;
– notarization service.
Escrow Reconciliation involves the newest technology options, ultimate software and therefore provides accomplished and appropriate closure in any case.
Our illustrious reputation speaks for itself – we can master any of your escrow requests and our trained staff can provide any technical or informational support to our clients. Our pride is our collective development and ability to accomplish all targets providing the high standard of customer care at the same time.
Escrow Reconciliation has the main target  - “closing escrows”. That's why we guarantee efficacious closures in all cases. We look forward to cover your requirements.