Sellers’s Guide

For quicker and trouble-free transactions it is recommended to provide all documents which may help forward your seller's requests. Some papers on the list may change in different cases but some are essential to supply for all the purposes.
The certificate of title
The vehicle's title is the fundamental kind of papers for used car trading. There shouldn't be any lien for anyone (bank or any creditor) to claim. The title also may contain a salvage status and it can be seen on the paper if the vehicle has gone through the renovation. Moreover the document has to be in appropriate condition because different states have different standards and specifications and may not approve an outworn document which has been damaged. Purchasing a vehicle without any title is absolutely unacceptable. You can not register or sell a vehicle without a title, this would be considered as illegitimate act.
The Bill of Sale
One more significant paper is a bill of sale. This paper contains reference to every party which has been participating the transaction. It also contains information concerning all the guarantees whether references of the vehicle has been purchased “as is”. The bill of sale moreover includes the data such as the vehicle VIN number. The VIN allows to verify some extra information regarding the vehicle. The bill of sale reflects the actual price of the bargain, according to the price sale taxes will be calculated.
Other papers
Sure more documents for any transaction can be required but the list of these papers differs for every state. Your local Department of Motor Vehicles can provide you with this information. Preparing all proper documentation will be a great aid for registering your vehicle to make it fully legal.
Bill of Lading
Sometimes a buyer also requires a special document which is named a bill of lading. This is a paper confirmation from the shipping company which delivered the vehicle.